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Events and Retreats

Phyl runs both public and private Events and Retreats. The difference between an Event and a Retreat is the length of time - an Event (or session) is at least 2 hours, while a Retreat will start in the morning and finish in the afternoon

The next public retreat is on 11th November 2018 at 10am to celebrate the finishing of the building work at her home studio. Phyl has lined up a day of yoga including the use of yoga swings, wheels, poles and soft rollers. As part of the retreat the hot tub will be available and facials will be provided by Katherine.

contact Phyl directly The retreat is also listed on FaceBook and on the home page here

Events and Retreats can be held at any suitable venue so if you are looking to hire Phyl for a private event or retreat then the number of people you want to invite to your retreat or event must be taken into account

Swing Yoga events are one of Phyl's favourites.