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Yoga seeks to promote health and well-being through balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. The regular practice of physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) makes the body strong, supple and healthy.

Yoga has a profound effect on the circulation and on the functioning of the inner organs, glands and nerves, keeping all systems functioning to their optimum, leading to increased energy and concentration. Many common physical ailments can also be improved through the regular practice of yoga and it is never too late or too early in life to take it up. Anyone can practice and benefit from yoga.

For many people yoga is a very personal experience, a way of connecting with an inner sense of calm and well being. Finding a balance of stretch, strength and flexibility, as well as quietening the mind, enabling one to cope better with life's challenges. Phyl has the experience to guide you on your own personal journey.

I haven't done yoga before, is there a beginner's class?

My classes are made up of people with a variety of yoga abilities. This way every beginner gets a chance to learn and move towards deeper and more advanced postures. The progress you make is personal to you. In the class everyone does the same postures but the extent to which you take the posture depends on your personal physical ability. As your body becomes more flexible you will be able to take the stretches further.

I'm not very fit and overweight - is yoga for me?

People come to classes because they want to make positive changes, including increased fitness and moving closer towards their ideal body weight. So we can start wherever we are at this moment in time.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and shows the body shape and alignment in postures. When the weather is cooler bring a blanket and a pair of sox for relaxation time at the end of class.

What should I bring?

Once you have decided to attend classes on a regular basis, investing in your own yoga mat, block and belt is beneficial. These are readily available at local stores, online or from your teacher.

I am not very flexible, does that matter?

Initially many people come because they want to become more flexible and later to maintain this ease of movement. What shape you are in when you start does not matter.

Should I start in a beginner's class?

Not necessarily. My classes are of mixed abilities so people are inspired to progress.

Will I lose weight if I do yoga?

Many people do. As we begin to feel better and digestion improves there may be less desire to eat large quantities of food. The quality of what we eat may also change.

I am on medication, does that matter?

Please ensure you have your doctors approval and you and let your teacher know what medication you are taking.

I find it hard to switch my mind off, will yoga help?

Yes, focusing the mind on both movement & breath has a very calming effect on the mind.